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Jason Prudhomme

Jason Prudhomme

Jason Prudhomme passed away Jan. 2, 2013. in Los Angeles, Calif. He was 41.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12, at Chicago Park School, 15725 Mount Olive Road, Grass Valley, Calif.

Jason was born May 27, 1971, in Burlingame, Calif. to parents Robert and Elizabeth Prudhomme. Jason was raised in Santa Rosa, Calif., and married Monique Altes in 1993.

Jason and Monique always had a love of the Sierras and skiing so it was their dream to live near the mountains. Therefore, in 2002 they moved to Nevada City, Calif., where they have been raising two lovely children, Madison, 6, and Tyler, 4.

Toward the end of 2011, their dream turned into a nightmare when a blood test confirmed the unimaginable, Jason had a rare form of leukemia. With fortitude and strength from his God, Jason put up a year-long fight, but he succumbed to a complication resulting from the stem cell transplant he was undergoing.

Jason will be deeply missed by his many friends and family members.

He was an active member and ministial servant in the Nevada City congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jason is survived by spouse Monique; son, Tyler; daughter, Madison; parents, Robert and Elizabeth Prudhomme; and sister, Deborah.

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