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David Farris

David Farris

David K. Farris passed away Sept. 8, 2012, from cancer. He was 53.

He was born in La Mesa, Calif., in March of 1959. He graduated from Fresno State University with a degree in criminology. He worked in a variety of jobs, but he loved people and always seemed to gravitate toward work that helped others in some way. However, those are just the facts. If you knew him, you were very fortunate because a kinder, sweeter person did not exist. He would do anything for someone, not just friends or family, but a stranger. He would stop to help someone on the road, he would give his last dollar, and he would give rides to friends for medical treatments. Ironic, isn't it. As his sister, I knew I was lucky to have him. He kept me honest, and he was always there to put things in perspective. He had the best sense of humor anywhere, and he was knowledgeable in so many areas. If you asked him a question, he would go silent as he thought, and even with the toughest problems, he would rummage around in his incredible brain and think of something. For someone who was a genius (just ask him if he was, he would tell you with a straight face), he was so down to earth. He knew a little about everything it seemed, and he could have a conversation with that person and make him feel comfortable. He loved his family more than anything, and his relationship with his nephews was love at first sight from their births. As they grew and matured, he talked to them and nurtured them, and his influence was subtle but deep. He was someone you could talk to for hours, tell and listen to jokes or stories, or you could just watch Netflix with him. There are parts of my life I wouldn't have made it through without him, and I still can't believe he is not going to help me into old age. He has left a great hole in many lives, but we are richer for knowing him.

He is survived by his long-time companion, Anne; sister Victoria and husband Dave; nephews Zach, Liam, Kyle and Trevor; and many extended family. For those of you who knew him through work or (now-defunct) Bunce's or the Nevada Club, please lift a glass to Dave.

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