No such thing as ‘safe and sane’ |

No such thing as ‘safe and sane’

Tom Rodgers

I can’t believe that the sale of fireworks is still even being considered!

What will have to happen for these people to get it through their heads? We live in a forested area and we don’t need “safe and sane” fireworks being set off anywhere near bone-dry pine needles and leaves that a hot July brings to us.

There is no way to rely on responsible people being “careful.” Would that be the same “responsible people” that blow through red lights, commit hit-and-run accidents and are bad neighbors?

All it takes is one fire to destroy thousands of acres and homes, and hopefully no lives lost in the path. These clubs and organizations do not have a guarantee that they can raise money this way.

Large cities all over California that do not have forest surrounding them prohibit firework sales, and the clubs in those cities seem to survive. Pancake breakfasts, spaghetti feeds, taco dinners, carnivals – all seem to be a way to raise money without the fire risk.

The officials responsible for this decision need to stand up and make the right decision and not be afraid to say ‘no’ fireworks. Do the decision-makers belong to these clubs? I certainly hope not.

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Tom Rodgers

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