Transit information now available on Google Maps |

Transit information now available on Google Maps

The County of Nevada Transit Services Division and the Geographic Information Services (GIS) Division have been working on a project to provide easily accessed electronic information for users of our western Nevada County public transit system. The project has resulted in a partnership with Google Maps and the installation of a transit trip planner that is available online 24/7, providing Gold County Stage transit routes and schedules.

Transit information in Google Maps provides a convenient and timely method to identify bus stop locations and travel destinations, as well as planning bus travel routes, departure/arrival times and other transportation connections. Riders are able to customize their travel trips by entering desired travel dates, times and destinations into Google Maps on their Android or iPhone, and the app will provide bus route options that match the entered criteria. Google Maps also offers walking directions so that riders are able to access information on how to get to the nearest transit center, bus stop or other destinations after leaving the bus. Additionally, Google Maps supports over 40 languages and is able to generate output that is compatible with screen readers for visually impaired users.

To download the Google Maps app, visit Google Play or the App Store. Information can be found at or Enter required information into the Trip Planner on the webpage. Access is also available on your computer at by clicking on Get Directions, and then the bus icon. Those who do not know the address of their trip's start or end can simply enter the name of the city, place, business, etc.

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