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The race was on

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The Newcomers Club of Nevada County can again report a successful year for their Christmas Families Project. Early in December, the "fillies" (Karen Pridemore and Judy Goldman's committee of Newcomers Christmas Families Project shoppers) were at the "starting gate" and "chafing at the bit," awaiting the Christmas wish list from Women of Worth and Nevada County Social Services. The list arrived, the starting gates opened and the race was on. These fillies did their laps around town and arrived at the "finish line" (Sue Garber's house for gift wrapping) in record time. The supplemented and wrapped gifts were then given to Lisbeth Noel and Rosalie Baker for delivery, on time, to Women of Worth and Social Services. Organization and Finance (other committee chairs) were Rosalie Baker, Carole Riddle, Patricia Graves, Bobbie Boge, Karen Pridemore, Judy Goldman, Lisbeth Noel, Stacey Nicolae, Kathe Pinto, Sue Garber, Shirley Souza and Sandy Neel, and our very generous club membership. Everyone who participated in the Christmas Families Project, regardless of the extent of their involvement, was a winner.

Thirty-four shoppers were assigned to shop for 31 families, comprised of 73 children and 30 adults. Women of Worth and Social Services received emergency gift certificates for families who sought help after the program closed, bringing the total of children receiving gifts to 78. Kathe Pinto, Special Items Chairwoman, was able to obtain bikes, scooters and other items. Adults received gift certificates at local merchants, work boots, pots and pans, etc.

Accolades to the club members for their time, talent and donations to provide these children, and their families, a more enjoyable Christmas season during a difficult time.

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