Sign up for “Climate Change Agents” camp in Nevada County |

Sign up for “Climate Change Agents” camp in Nevada County

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Students in grades 5 through 10 have until May 31 to submit scholarship applications to the "Climate Change Agents" camp, a four-night, five-day, lodge-based adventure sponsored by the Nevada County Climate Change Coalition and Full-Circle Learning. This year's definition of "change" took a twist when the Climate Change Ministry of Vanuatu made contact and asked if it could collaborate. Their scholarship applicant will travel across the ocean to participate.

After their long search, the team in Vanuatu picked a recipient who has been approved on the U.S. side and has applied for a visa to come. Envisioning our role in the "league of species" from the perspective of a student who has grown up in the heart of Oceana, amid the shrinking islands, will lend new perspectives to students here. Together, organizers say that campers will also look at water issues through the lens of a camera as they "apply their minds, hearts and creativity to uniting communities as we shift the "climate" of discussions and actions to shape global outcomes. Outdoor and indoor projects and efforts to influence communities all play a role at the camp, which some students have described as 'life-changing.'"

Teacher recommendations are required to apply. Visit for an application — or email and include name, age, reasons for wanting to attend, and a teacher recommendation paragraph. Write "Camp Scholarship" in the message line. Applicants with financial need may receive preference, but all participants attend by scholarship only, so ask the teacher to indicate any academic- arts- or service-based strengths.

Financial contributors to the camp include the Rose Foundation, NC-CCC members, Full-Circle Learning, Audubon Society, Forest Issues Group, NID and Nevada City Retreats.

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