Plastic bag ban survey to be conducted |

Plastic bag ban survey to be conducted

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​The Town of Truckee has recently implemented a plastic bag ban for businesses within the town limits. A number of residents have requested that the other jurisdictions of the county consider a similar ban.

Before proceeding with any action related to a ban, Nevada County is interested in assessing the effect of a ban on businesses in unincorporated areas.

In the next several weeks, the county and Waste Management will be conducting a survey of businesses in unincorporated areas to identify issues and areas of concern regarding plastic-bag usage.

The survey is only intended to provide information for the board of supervisors. No ordinance is currently being proposed, and it is expected that the survey could take up to several months to complete.

For more information, call Bob Elder, Nevada County Solid Waste manager, at 265-1416.

​California Building Standards Codes workshop held

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On Feb. 13, the Nevada County Community Development Agency in coordination with the Nevada County Contractors' Association conducted a public workshop regarding the 2013 California Building Standards Codes.

The workshop was hosted by the contractors' association and approximately 40 individuals from the development community attended (contractors, architects, engineers, etc.).

The workshop reviewed updates and changes in the 2013 California Building Standards Codes, as well as common mistakes made during construction projects. The 2013 California Building Standards Codes was recently adopted by the state and became effective as of Jan. 1.

The Community Development Agency received great feedback from the workshop attendees on ways to improve customer service, convey updated information and streamline the development permitting process. Look for more workshops to come in the near future regarding the development permitting process, energy/green building practices, disabled accessibility basics for business, etc.

If you have any ideas on how to improve our customer service or want to learn more about a specific subject, contact CDA staff at 530-265-1222 or

The Friendship Line

The Friendship Line is part of the Mental Health Services Act Prevention and Early Intervention efforts in Nevada County. It is a California Mental Health Services Authority-funded, 24-hour accredited crisis hotline and emotional support warmline for seniors and disabled adults. The Friendship Line is nationally known and accredited by the American Association of Suicidology.

Services include crisis intervention and referrals, well-being telephone check-ins, follow-up home visits for supportive counseling and psychotherapy, group and individual grief counseling and specialized counseling and bereavement support for people who have experienced traumatic loss to suicide or sudden death.

Contact the Friendship Line at 415-752-3778 or find them at:

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