Nevada County to improve roadway safety signing |

Nevada County to improve roadway safety signing

The Union staff

Western Nevada County has a number of winding rural roadways, and these roadways experience a significant number of collisions each year, according to the Friday memo issued by Nevada County CEO Rick Haffey. While rural in nature, many of these roads serve as critical arterial and collector routes that provide connectivity for county residents to the Highway 49 corridor. These routes also serve as primary or secondary evacuation routes in the event of an emergency.

The county recently was awarded $244,000 in Highway Safety Improvement Program grant funding for a unique Roadway Safety Signing Audit, Haffey said. The audit will evaluate the following critical corridors for safety, primarily focusing on roadway signing. The audit will evaluate Wolf Road (Highway 49 to Duggans Road), Duggans Road (Wolf Road to Lime Kiln Road), Lime Kiln Road (Duggans Road to McCourtney Road), McCourtney Road (Lime Kiln Road to Grass Valley city limits), La Barr Meadows Road (Grass Valley city limits to Dog Bar Road), Dog Bar Road (La Barr Meadows Road to Magnolia Road), Magnolia Road (Dog Bar Road to Combie Road), Combie Road (Magnolia Road to Highway 49), Greenhorn Road (Brunswick Road to 0.25 miles south of Pine Peak Road) and North Bloomfield Road (Highway 49 to Rock Creek Road).

Once complete, the audit will identify and prioritize roadway signage improvements along these corridors to help prevent fatalities and injury collisions resulting from improper or insufficient signing. The audit and subsequent improvements are scheduled for completion in late 2014.

For more information,contact Joshua Pack at or at 530-265-7059.​

In other county news:

The economy has showed signs of life in recent months with increases in building permit activity. In fiscal year 2013/14, as of Jan. 31, overall building permit activity has increased by 10 percent from the same period in fiscal year 2011/12 and 8 percent from 2012/13, with a total of 1,306 permits to date. For the same period, the Building Department has issued 68 permits for new single-family dwellings, 12 more than at this time in this 2012/13 and 23 more than in 2011/12.

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The Building Department has seen a steady rise in customers obtaining building permits online, increasing approximately 10 percent every year for the last three years. Building permits can be obtained online for reroofs, water heaters, furnace change-outs and other basic permits through the "One-Stop-Shop" interactive online portal.

The Building Department also initiated the Digital Project Submission Program in August 2013. This program allows customers to submit their projects (large or small) digitally with our online service; this has created a more efficient and expedited permitting review and issuance process. The department has reviewed and issued 44 digitally submitted projects since August, and the service has been picking up steam as more customers are aware of the program.

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