Nevada County Dems to examine sustainability, forest management |

Nevada County Dems to examine sustainability, forest management

In a seminar sponsored by the Nevada County Democrats, Don Rivenes and Evelyn Soltero will be speaking on sustainability and forest management and its impact on community safety and resources. The event is slated for 5:30 to 8 p.m. April 2 in the basement room of the Nevada City Veterans Hall, 415 N. Pine St.

Don Rivenes, conservation chair of Sierra Foothills Audubon Society, will talk about concepts of sustainability and how they are applied to management of private forests, national forests and parks, and international forests.

Rivenes will also discuss the latest scientific synthesis and bio-regional assessment documents of the U.S. Forest Service to be used for updating California's national forest plans. Key topics addressed included community safety and fuel reduction and value of ecosystem resources.

Evelyn Soltero, who has an M.S. in hydro geology and is a science educator at Sierra College's Community Education, focused her master's program on groundwater recharge in Nevada County. Soltero will discuss potential impacts of climate change on forest watershed hydrology and land (forest and flood) management in relation to watershed management.

For more information, contact Jim Firth, Chair, NCDCC at 530-477-1804 or visit

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