Meckler’s Citizens for Self-Governance helps file suit against IRS |
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Meckler’s Citizens for Self-Governance helps file suit against IRS

Citizens for Self-Governance, an organization founded by Nevada County resident Mark Meckler — who co-founded the Tea Party Patriots — will be assisting local groups in filing class action litigation that includes requests for damages against the IRS for illegal and harassing behavior in the handling and processing of their applications for non-profit status.

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with all those known and unknown who have been abused by a federal government run amok," Meckler said in a prepared statement. "Instead of just playing defense, it is time for the citizens to go on offense. We are, after all, 'We the People.' And when the federal government runs amok, it is up to us rein it in. Neither party in Congress can be relied upon to satisfactorily resolve this issue. They created the IRS, fund the IRS, and oversee the IRS. All of this abuse happened on their watch."

Mark Meckler will be holding a press conference today at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., and will be joined by a representative of the lead plaintiff in the suit, Ginny Rapini, president of the NorCal Tea Party.