Group hosts seminar on recognizing equine abuse |

Group hosts seminar on recognizing equine abuse

The Union staff

Equine veterinarian Dr. Scott McIntosh will be the speaker at a seminar at 3 p.m. Wednesday at the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley, sponsored by the Coalition of Animal Welfare and Support. McIntosh is well known in the horse community and is donating his time and expertise.

"Nevada County Animal Control had expressed interest in having educational seminars on specific animal species," said coalition director Kathy Monteiro. "CAWS listened and responded. We hope to sponsor monthly educational seminars targeting specific breeds. The more people who know how to recognize abuse, the more it will be reported."

After the presentation by McIntosh, he will take questions from those in attendance.

"We will be inviting all of the nearby animal control agencies, the District Attorney's office (who prosecutes these cases), our CAWS members and the general public," Monteiro said. "Education and community involvement are the keys to fight animal cruelty."

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