Forum to address feasibility of local biomass facility |

Forum to address feasibility of local biomass facility

Steve Eubanks will be discussing the potential benefits to Nevada County of a biomass facility at the Nevada County Democrats' First Tuesday Education Forum. The talk will be from 5:30 to 8 p.m. May 7 in the basement room of the Nevada City Vets Hall at 415 N. Pine St.

A biomass task force has been operating in Western Nevada County for three years. Its interest has been to pursue development of a facility that can use woody biomass from fire hazard reduction projects, other forest management projects and miscellaneous sources like power line clearing, roadside brushing and the like to produce energy.

A stage has been reached where the next critical step is completion of a biomass feasibility assessment. Such an assessment will provide essential information, including determining the amount of woody biomass that is available on a fully sustainable basis, studying, comparing and rating potential sites for a biomass facility and determining basic economic feasibility of biomass utilization technologies that fit the types of biomass available in our area.

For information, contact NCDCC Chair Jim Firth at 530-477-1804 or visit

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