Forum to address feasibility of local biomass facility |

Forum to address feasibility of local biomass facility

Steve Eubanks will be discussing the potential benefits to Nevada County of a biomass facility at the Nevada County Democrats' First Tuesday Education Forum. The talk will be from 5:30 to 8 p.m., May 7, in the basement room of the Nevada City Vets Hall at 415 N. Pine St.

A biomass task force has been operating in Western Nevada County for three years. Its interest has been to pursue development of a facility that can use woody biomass from fire hazard reduction projects, other forest management projects and miscellaneous sources like power line clearing, roadside brushing and the like to produce energy.

A stage has been reached where the next critical step is completion of a biomass feasibility assessment. Such an assessment will provide essential information, including determining the amount of woody biomass that is available on a fully sustainable basis; studying, comparing and rating potential sites for a biomass facility and determining basic economic feasibility of biomass utilization technologies that fit the types of biomass available in our area.

For more information, contact NCDCC Chair Jim Firth at 530-477-1804 or visit

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