Clinic to give vaccinations to adults, children |

Clinic to give vaccinations to adults, children

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Measles cases continue to rise in California. With 56 cases reported in the state so far this year, the Nevada County Public Health Department is taking action to protect our residents.

The Emergency Preparedness and Immunization Programs will be sponsoring a clinic on May 2. This clinic will provide the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and the Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine at no cost to both adults and children. Measles and Pertussis infections both can have devastating consequences and are highly contagious.

The clinic will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will be held at the Grass Valley Veterans Building at 255 S. Auburn St. from 2:30-6 p.m. MMR is available to those who are at least 12 months old and who were born after 1956. The Tdap vaccine is available to those at least 10 years of age.

New Nevada County director of social services named

Nevada County CEO Rick Haffey announced the appointment of Mike Dent as the director of the Department of Social Services in his Friday memo. Dent has a varied and extensive background working for Nevada County.  He started his Nevada County career in 1995 as a correctional officer with the sheriff's office, then became the Probation Program manager, and most recently has been serving as the interim director of Social Services. 

Dent received a Master's Degree in public administration and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in liberal studies with a minor in public administration/criminal justice Option.  He was recognized as a SAGE emerging leader in Nevada County in 2011. 

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County's Abandoned Vehicle Abatement report form online

The Code Compliance Division recently announced a new online form the public can use to report abandoned vehicles. The focus of the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) Program, now in its 22nd year in Nevada County, is to remove abandoned vehicles from public and private property. 

"Previously the public had to call us to report an abandoned vehicle," said Code Compliance Program Manager Gregory Shaffer.

"While our 24-hour AVA Hotline (530 470-2750) is convenient, our new on-line form will allow the public to provide greater detail on vehicles that have been abandoned throughout the county. This makes it more efficient for the county and helps keep the cost down."

Shaffer continued, "Using the new form is easy. People just need to go to and enter 'AVA' or 'Abandoned Vehicle' in the search window and info on the AVA program and the form will pop right up at the top of the results.  They can also go to the 'Code Compliance' page under departments to find the form. I should add that the public can continue to use the AVA Hotline if they prefer; that number is 530-470-2750."

Once the public makes a report of abandoned vehicle, the Code Compliance staff strives to tag a vehicle within three business days. Once tagged, the last registered owner is notified by mail as prescribed in the California Vehicle Code. After a waiting period the vehicle is towed, normally within two weeks. 

"In cases where there is a real health or safety issue, we can tow a vehicle right away," Shaffer noted.

The AVA program is funded by money collected through yearly vehicle registration.

"When we come out to take care of some old vehicle that was left in front of someone's house, they often ask who pays for this," Shaffer said.

"When I explain it is funded by a yearly fee of one dollar collected with each car registration by DMV and passed on to our county, people often comment it is the best dollar they've spent all year."

The County's AVA program covers the parts of the county outside the city limits of the three cities. To report an abandoned vehicle inside a city contact: Town of Truckee 530-582-7830, Nevada City 530-265-7880, or City of Grass Valley 530-274-4600.

If you have questions or comments, call the AVA Hotline at 530-470-2750, or contact Code Compliance Program Manager Gregory Shaffer directly at  530-470-2549.

Investment in Mental Health Wellness Act of 2013 Grant Award

The Nevada County Behavioral Health Department has been notified by the California Health Facilities Financing Authority of a grant award in the amount of $500,000. 

These funds originate from SB 82, Investment in Mental Health Wellness Act of 2013, to enhance and improve crisis intervention services. Locally, these funds, in partnership with Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, will be used to develop a four-bed Crisis Stabilization Unit at the hospital. 

The CSU will offer stabilization services lasting less than 24 hours to help individuals resolve acute psychiatric and/or co-occurring (substance use/mental health) crisis episodes. 

The CSU will serve persons 18 years and older who are experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis, which could include co-occurring disorders. The CSU services will have a recovery and wellness focus to ensure positive outcomes.

In collaboration with SNMH the grant funds will be used to renovate a portion of the SNMH building for the CSU. The funds will support renovation costs; and purchase  furnishings and equipment for the CSU, including teleconferencing equipment for telemedicine.


Session 2 of the Financial Independence Workshop set to go

On Monday at 5 p.m., the Nevada County Probation Department, in partnership with Child Support Services Director Tex Ritter, will be presenting Session 2 of The Financial Independence Workshop. 

The department experienced a good turnout for Session 1, which addressed: On-line Resources, Managing Budgets and Improving Credit. Session 2 will address: How to Save, What Not to Spend Money On and Financial Responsibility. 

The class is open to anyone receiving services through Probation. Look for Session 3 in May.

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