Class on saving energy today |

Class on saving energy today

The Union staff

The Sierra Business Council, in partnership with PG&E, will be presenting a class on how to save energy at the Nevada City library today. The presentation will educate residents on how to accurately measure the power consumption of household electronics and appliances by borrowing a Kill-A-Watt Meter from the library.

The Kill-A-Watt Meter, which can be checked out of the library just like a book, measures the power consumption of any 120-volt device, such as refrigerators, computers, TVs, and video game systems. The meter can also estimate how much an appliance costs to operate per hour, day, month, or year. Knowing which household items draw the most power provides consumers with the information they need to reduce energy use and lower their electricity bills.

The Nevada County presentation will be held at 3 p.m. today at the Nevada City library.

Each of the three library locations in Nevada County will have one Kill-A-Watt meter available to check out for free for one week at a time. Contact a Nevada County Library branch for more information.

In other county news:

— According to the Friday memo released by Nevada County CEO Rick Haffey, the State of California Office of Systems Integration is replacing the In-Home Supportive Services Case Management System, Legacy CMIPS, with CMIPS II. CMIPS is the Case Management Information and Payrolling System that tracks case information and processes payments for the IHSS Program. This transition is occurring in phases across the state; Nevada County will be transitioning May 1.

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CMIPS II is web-based, but will assure secure access. The system will increase case management efficiency by allowing multiple interfaces and is more user-friendly.

This system change will affect IHSS recipients and providers as the timesheets will now be processed at a timesheet processing facility in Chico. Timesheets may no longer be turned in at the Public Authority for processing. This eliminates the need to hand enter hundreds of timesheets each month, but does require the provider to mail his or her timesheet to Chico. CMIPS II also requires providers to record their time in hours and minutes, thereby eliminating the need to change minutes to decimals.

Nevada County is working with the Public Authority to educate our providers and customers so that the transition is a smooth one. Contact Tamaran Cook, Adult Services Program Manager, at (530) 265-7160 with any questions or concerns.

— The Monthly Treasury and Quarterly Interest Report for March 2013 can be found at Treasury Pool investments are well diversified and laddered for proper safety and liquidity. As the fixed income market continues to attract investors due to tough economic times and financial turmoil, yields for fixed income securities are at all time lows. Forecasters do not expect these rates to increase until 2015.

The Nevada County pool is positioned to ride out this low rate environment by active management of the portfolio, continued diversification in stable investment instruments, not only earning a reasonable rate of return but ensuring that cash is available to all pool participants when needed and that principal is always protected.​

— The next Scotch Broom eradication day at the Nevada County Airport is Saturday, April 13, starting at 9 a.m. Volunteers and equipment are needed to help remove, clear plants and pile them up for eventual disposal.

The focus of this day will be to remove as much broom from around the homes that are adjacent to the airport as possible to reduce the fire threat to those homes. An ATV-mounted herbicide sprayer will be used to help get the upper hand on the Broom. Call the airport at (530) 273-3374 if you would like to volunteer. Refreshments will be served.

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