Cannabis Crusades returns for KVMR’s membership drive |

Cannabis Crusades returns for KVMR’s membership drive

The Union staff

KVMR show "The Cannabis Crusades" returns Friday for a special two-hour broadcast from noon to 2 p.m. during its membership drive week. KVMR is a community supported radio station that relies upon member contributions to stay on the air.

Host Patricia Smith has booked Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate in 2012 and author of "Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It." Gray spent over three decades on the bench adjudicating drug cases before he came to the realization that our current policy wasn't working. He has retired from the bench to pursue drug law reforms full time. Gray is a founding member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Martin Lee, author of "Smoke Signals," a social history of marijuana, will speak about how marijuana defined the world view of many people from the baby boom generation. Lee is the co-founder of Project CBD, which compiles research from patients using marijuana strains containing high levels of CBD (rather than THC). CBD is non-psychoactive which means that it lacks the "high" associated with marijuana, but it is full of anti-inflammatory agents, making it an ideal medicine for migraines, arthritis, and diabetes.

Dr. Dale Geiringer has been the Director of CalNORML since 1987. He has written hundreds of essays and studies about marijuana over the years. Geiringer will be discussing his new work, "Guide to Drug Testing," and the proposed zero tolerance DUID law, AB289, supported by the California Sheriff's Association. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal is the current president of the organization.

To conclude the show, Trisha Albright will relate her story of the DEA raid that took place on her collective last year. Albright's 8-year old son contracted a deadly cancer that required both of his eyes be removed from the disease. Despite his disability, Trevor excelled in school and sports before he passed away.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano will be the guest on "The Cannabis Crusades" when the show returns on May 17. The topic of discussion will be Ammiano's bill, AB390, that would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol.

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