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‘Cannabis Crusades’ contemplates cultivation ordinance

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KVMR's popular series, "Cannabis Crusades," returns today with a new episode airing at noon.

Attorney Jeff Lake will be the guest for the entire hour and, in a departure from the show's normal format, will take questions from the listening audience.

Nevada County's cultivation ordinance will be the primary topic of the day. Lake represents Americans for Safe Access Nevada County in its challenge to the county's existing ordinance and is preparing a voter initiative the group plans to launch after the Board of Supervisors rejected its requests for mediation during a closed-door session last month.

SB289, the proposed DUID bill sponsored by the California Sheriff's Association, is the secondary topic on the agenda. Potential enforcement problems arise because, unlike alcohol, science has yet to establish a rational objective standard to measure marijuana impairment.

Most drugs are quickly eliminated from the body, but marijuana leaves behind metabolites that can be detected weeks or months after any diminished driving ability has passed.

SB289 does not allow an exemption for medical marijuana patients but does contain an exemption for heroin addicts enrolled in a methadone maintenance program and users of prescription drugs.

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Doctors are currently prohibited by law from writing prescriptions for marijuana and issue recommendations instead.

The Cannabis Crusades will return April 12 with a special two-hour broadcast that will air during KVMR's next membership drive.

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