Astronomer to speak on M82 galaxy |

Astronomer to speak on M82 galaxy

The Union staff

The galaxy M82 is a nearby starburst galaxy that is five times brighter than the Milky Way and has multiple starburst regions in which many new stars are being created.

Emanating from the galaxy are many filaments of hydrogen (red).

Rancho Cordova amateur astronomer Ken Crawford took a photo of M82, one of many that has been published by NASA as their "Astronomy Picture of the Day."

Crawford is the featured speaker for April at the Nevada County Astronomers. He will provide a colorful tour of the universe using long exposure, high-resolution astrophotography.

There will be a "behind the scenes" overview of the equipment, challenges and conditions needed to produce presentation high-quality images of the deep sky. Crawford will also present the latest results of the search for galactic cannibals who leave behind rivers of stars. The talk is in the Community Room of the Nevada County Library at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. The public is invited and there is no charge.

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