Americans for Safe Access-Nevada County meeting today in Grass Valley |
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Americans for Safe Access-Nevada County meeting today in Grass Valley

Americans for Safe Access-Nevada County will host a meeting 6-8 p.m. today at the Nevada County Contractors Association at 149 Crown Pointe Court (off Crown Pointe Circle), according to a news release.

ASA-NC is a supporter of the medical marijuana movement and is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit that challenges the legality of the county's Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance.

Proposition 215, which allows patients with a valid doctor's recommendation marijuana access and the patient's doctors to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical use, was passed by the voters of California and, by law, cannot be changed or amended without another statewide vote, the release states.

Attorney Jeff Lake will be a guest speaker at the meeting, providing some news regarding the cultivation ordinance. According to the release, the meeting will decide the course of action that ASA-NC will pursue during the coming season. For that reason, this meeting is open to members only, although prospective members can join at the door, the release states.

One of the issues involves the regulation of cannabis cultivation, as state law limits the number of plants to six when they have a valid California doctor's recommendation.

"The county's ordinance oversteps their legal authority to regulate the size of a patient's cannabis garden," said ASA-NC Chair Patricia Smith.

Nevada County's ordinance has replaced plant counts with square footage restrictions that ASA-NC claims are inadequate.

The case is scheduled to be heard in late May by Superior Court Judge Sean Dowling.

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