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8 products to avoid on Black Friday

Even with all the holiday discounts and sale deals, here are five items you would be better off waiting for a better offer later on.

Toys: Many toys get slightly discounted for Black Friday, only to see bigger discounts on those same toys about two weeks before Christmas.

Game consoles without a bundled item: You're likely to get more bang for your buck by opting for a video game console that comes with a few extras. Many come with premium accessories and two or three game titles, frequently discounted 30 percent to 40 percent off their retail prices.

Brand-name HDTVs: Black Friday offers low prices for new HDTVs. But those rock-bottom prices typically apply to third-tier manufacturers. Brand-name TVs tend to see their best price of the year in January and February as manufacturers look to clear stock in preparation for new models in the spring.

The latest digital cameras: Speaking of new models, premium current-generation cameras are also just a few months away from being replaced by a new line of 2013 options. If you want a brand-new digital SLR, wait until spring. Otherwise, current "old models" are being offered with great deals.

Christmas decorations: While not on anyone's gift list, Christmas decor tends to end up in-cart as impulse buys. Deals on Christmas items get better the closer we get to the holiday itself or after.

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— Emily Dovi at Dealnews

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