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5 tips for food amid rising costs

Feed your family for less:

With food prices on the rise, here are some tips to mitigate the impact to your wallet.

Clip more coupons. Even with store sales wilting, combining them with a manufacturer's coupon is still a shopper's best bet for savings. Look for newspaper inserts and browse online sites for printable deals. More supermarkets are also offering programs that let shoppers virtually load coupons onto their store loyalty card and automatically redeem them at checkout.

Scour the shelves. When manufacturers scale back package sizes, stores often have some of the old and the new versions on shelves simultaneously. Dig through to grab any left of the older, bigger sizes. But be mindful of the expiration dates.

Stock up. Purchasing in bulk can mean big savings. Warehouse club stores' prices are often as much as 30% cheaper than the supermarket. Just watch out for rising membership fees. Elsewhere, use coupons and sales to stockpile goods.

Check store policies. Some stores will match competitors' prices. Do your homework before you decide where to shop.

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Assess sale prices. Fresh items like meats and produce rarely have coupons, so stick to what's on sale that week or is in season. Again, it's a good idea to stock up a bit if the item is something you can easily freeze, or eat a lot of.

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