Nevada Union Parents Club launches Commemorative Brick Project |

Nevada Union Parents Club launches Commemorative Brick Project

The Nevada Union Parents Club recently launched the NU Commemorative Brick Project, a fundraising effort the group hopes will raise money to support student and teacher programs at the school.

"There are things out there that teachers need but aren't being supplied with," club Treasurer Suzanne Bernadett said.

"So we're just trying to keep it going and making sure that teachers have what they need so they can help our students. It's all in support of students."

Formed this year, the parents' club seeks to promote excellence and enhance the high school experience for students at NU through the cooperative effort of parents, students, school staff and community members.

The group asks community members to join the group as dues-paying members and charges an annual fee of $20 per household or business.

The group has helped to employ new Web-based technology to communicate information and match volunteers with opportunities, has educated parents by offering interesting and relevant speakers, supported staff, handed out snacks and even sharpened pencils to aid students in their preparations for finals.

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In the fall, group members began throwing ideas around about a big fundraiser they could do in support of educational programs that Bernadett says have been cut from the school's budget in recent years.

The club agreed on having a fundraiser that allows students, community members and businesses to have their very own commemorative brick be installed as a part of walls and structures on campus.

"I think it's a way for you to get to be a part of NU literally forever," Bernadett said.

"Show your spirit for your own family, your children and your business. In some way, I think of it as a wall of support. Do they get anything? No, it's a donation. It really, truly is a donation."

Bernadett said the group currently has its eyes set on adding commemorative bricks to the walkway near the NU student store. The club is targeting school alumni, graduating seniors and school reunions to spread the word about the $95 bricks.

Next fall, the group will vote on what programs the donated funds will be given to.

While the project will continue as a year-round fundraiser, if community members want to have their bricks installed this summer, they need to donate to the group by May 15.

The group's goal is 300 bricks; Bernadett said they are far from that goal and that people should take the opportunity to give back to the school that has done so much for so many in years past.

"Personally, I grew up in the Girl Scouts, and one thing we were taught was to leave a place better then how we found it," Bernadett said.

"A more current way of saying that is paying it forward."

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