Nevada County residents helped get pot initiative on ballot |
Michelle Rindels
Staff Writer

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Nevada County residents helped get pot initiative on ballot

Nevada County residents helped push a marijuana legalization initiative over the edge and onto the November ballot.

Of nearly 700,000 signatures on the petition, which was turned in to state officials yesterday, 1,051 came from Nevada County.

School officials are already worried about the legalization prospect.

“I think legalization inadvertently conveys that there’s a lesser risk involved,” said Nevada Union High School Principal Marty Mathiesen, adding that students use marijuana more when it’s perceived as less risky.

The initiative would allow those 21 years and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, enough to roll dozens of marijuana cigarettes. Residents also could grow their own crop of the plant in gardens measuring up to 25 square feet.

The proposal would ban users from ingesting marijuana in public or smoking it while minors are present. It also would make it illegal to possess the drug on school grounds or drive while under its influence.

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Local governments would decide whether to permit and tax marijuana sales.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. For more on the story, see Friday’s edition of The Union.