Nevada City to discuss proposed tiny home ordinance |

Nevada City to discuss proposed tiny home ordinance

The Nevada City Planning Commission will discuss a proposed city ordinance Thursday that could increase affordable housing opportunities by encouraging small-unit residences and providing financial incentives for developers.

The proposed "Cottage Dwelling Development Ordinance" is a response to "impassioned public testimony regarding the need for affordable housing in our community," according to a staff report. Members of both the Planning Commission and City Council, the report states, have expressed "a desire for updated city policies that will incentivize affordable housing."

The ordinance would regulate primary dwelling units no larger than 800 square feet, which the city calls "cottage dwellings," as well as developments containing four or more "cottage dwelling units."

The city would allow cottage developments at a maximum density of 16 units per acre, and would incentivize developers by applying AB1600 Impact Mitigation Fees to pairs of units as though they were one dwelling unit, according to a staff report.

The Planning Commission will hear public comments and will provide city staff with "conceptual direction" to draft an ordinance, which will then be reviewed by the commission at a future date for formal recommendation to the City Council.

Initial staff recommendations include prohibiting short-term rentals for cottage dwelling units, requiring common space areas available to residents at cottage dwelling developments, and mandating energy-efficient designs.

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What: Discussion of proposed “Cottage Dwelling Development Ordinance” at Nevada City Planning Commission meeting

When: Thursday, 1:30 p.m.

Where: City Hall, 317 Broad St., Nevada City

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