Neglected horses could be seized today |

Neglected horses could be seized today

Robyn Moormeister
Staff writer

Nevada County animal control officials expect to seize up to eight horses from a ranch on the 12000 block of Spenceville Road later this week.

Nevada County Animal Control Senior Officer Bruce Baggett said he does not expect the owner of a neglected horse who died this weekend to respond to animal control’s notification of a pre-seizure hearing, in which the owner has the right to object to seizure.

The owner, Pam Fyffe, has until 5 p.m. today to respond to the pre-seizure notice, given last Saturday.

“We don’t expect to hear anything from her,” Baggett said.

He said if Fyffe does not respond, Animal Control officers will take control of approximately eight of the forty horses she keeps on her Spenceville property.

Fyffe’s neighbors called Animal Control Friday night to report one of Fyffe’s horses was so malnourished it couldn’t stand on it’s own.

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The neighbors took the horse to another property to care for it, and a veterinarian put the horse down Saturday with Fyffe’s permission.

Several of the other horses were malnourished as well, Baggett said, but are eating better since neighbors got involved Friday.

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