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Yuba County supes: Compliance key on medical pot

Ben van der Meer
Special to The Union

Now that Yuba County supervisors have amended a medical marijuana growing ordinance to make it slightly less restrictive, the onus is on those who grow it to fall in line, supervisors said.

Both supervisors John Nicoletti and Mary Jane Griego said it'll be up to groups such as the Yuba County Growers Association to get information out there before a small-scale farmer gets a knock on his door from county code enforcement.

"The problem will not cure itself on the course it is now," Nicoletti said, referring to low levels of compliance sheriff's deputies encountered this year when they investigated growing operations.

Jeffrey Lake, an attorney who sued on behalf of the growers association and other groups to stop the first version of the ordinance, said the education effort has already begun.

A copy of the ordinance will be posted prominently on the association's website, and members will be required to sign paperwork saying they'll comply, Lake said.

One grower said she believes the county's good-faith effort will be rewarded, adding she cut the amount she grew in half this year to fall under the ordinance's limits.

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"I know we caused you a lot of headaches and gray hairs," sad Kathie Thelen of Browns Valley.

At least one supervisor, Roger Abe, said he fears other potential consequences.

While Lake said it brought the county into compliance with state law, Abe, who cast the lone dissenting vote, said he felt it went too far beyond it.

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Ben van der Meer is a reporter with the Marysville Appeal-Democrat.

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