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You write the caption!

FILE - In this Wednesday, 21, 2011, file photo, holiday travelers, including Donald Occimio of Mesa, Ariz., dressed as Santa Claus, and his wife Diane check in with customer service agent Angelee Arciniega, right, for their Southwest Airlines flight at the Terminal 4 ticketing area at Sky Harbor International Airport, in Phoenix. The 2012 Christmas travel season could be the busiest in six years, with AAA predicting that 93.3 million Americans will hit the road. That's 1.6 percent more than last year and just 400,000 people shy of the 2006 record. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Tom Tingle) MARICOPA COUNTY OUT; MAGS OUT; NO SALES

We asked our Facebook friends to write the caption for this Associated Press photograph that caught Santa standing in line at the airport. First prize is a free large pizza from Miner Moe's Pizza in Nevada City. Here are this week's top 10 offerings:

10. Victor Mathews — Ut-Oh, I forgot my ID.

9. Barbara Schneider — Because the reindeer are on strike, they suggest I go United.

8. Dolly Jaynes — Hope my passport's current!

7. Alina Lee — I had some extra miles, so I thought I'd take a short break and visit Mom in Vegas before the big day … These are her gifts, so please handle with care!

6. Wendy Youngman — I hope I got this Southwest agent want she wanted when she was little or this could be a long flight!

5. Erica Morris — If this chick tries to charge me extra for my bags, I'm putting her on the "Naughty List".

4. Wolfgang Perner — "I'm sorry, sir, your name appears on our "no- fly list", please step aside and we'll have someone from the TSA come speak with you."

3. Brian O'Brien — I am responsible to deliver toys to more than 2 billion kids; 50 pounds? Really?

2. Kimme LaLa Browne — BREAKING NEWS!! Arrest warrant issued for reindeer after running over grandma! Santa must fly United Airlines to deliver gifts! News at 10!

1. Marilyn Webb — One checked bag is free on Southwest? Boy, she's in for a BIG surprise with my bag!

Congratulations, Marilyn Webb! You've won a free large pizza from Miner Moe's in Nevada City. Contact Community Reporter Cory Fisher at or by phone at 477-4203 within one week to claim your prize.