You write the caption! |

You write the caption!

The Union staff

We asked our Facebook friends to help provide a caption for this submitted photograph by Jack McCrory of a buck keeping cool in patch of St. John's Wort.

The top prize for the best caption is a free large pizza from Miner Moe's in Nevada City. Here are this week's top offerings:

10. Nicole Tucker-Von Schoff — Can you see me now?

9. Jeremiah Skalla "Gosh! This isn't a peep show! Can I ever get away from you two legged things?!"

8. Martin Webb — Last year, hiding here in the brush worked so well, what could possibly go wrong this year?

7. Lisa Scott — Anyone like the new garden art? It's a Rack Sculpture

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6. Brian L Toohey — Be verrrry quiet, I'm hunting humans.

5. June Anne Troy Searles — Move the antenna a little to the left. That's it, George!!

4. Erin Calvert Pavloff — These are not the points you're looking for …

3. Rob Lambert Day — 163 as a shrub … they have accepted me as one of their own … they suspect nothing.

2. Gilbert Dominguez — Need GPS

1. Susan Smith — Nothing to see here. Move along.

Congratulations, Susan!

You've won a free large pizza from Miner Moe's Pizza in Nevada City.

To claim your prize, contact Editor Brian Hamilton within one week via email at or by calling 530-477-4249.

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