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Woman warns of dognapping attempt

A local woman warned county residents to be wary in the wake of an attempted dognapping of her Chihuahua mix, Fern, after hearing from others that the suspect might have been seeking to take her pet for use as bait for fighting dogs.

Monica Olson said she didn't file a police report at the time of the late February incident but now wants to get the word out.

"I've been telling the story to people wherever I go," she said.

"I've been getting a lot of feedback."

Olson had left Fern in her car in the parking lot of Raley's in Grass Valley while she did her grocery shopping, she said, adding that it was the middle of the afternoon.

When she came out, she saw a man trying to jimmy her car door open, with her 15-pound pup inside.

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"He didn't hear me coming," Olson said. "I caught the guy off guard."

Olson said she doesn't consider herself physically fit. But fueled by adrenaline, she rammed her full grocery cart into the man.

"It was just a reflex," she said. "I knocked him down and stomped on his crotch."

But Olson wasn't finished, spraying the man in the face with wasp spray that she keeps in her purse.

"It will blind a person temporarily but not cause permanent damage," she said.

The suspect did manage to flee the scene, she said.

The man left behind a box and a leash, Olson said, adding,

"I can only assume he was looking to steal a dog."

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