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‘We’d better get our stories straight’

The Union staff

We asked our Facebook friends to help write a caption for this photo, with the winning caption earning a free large pizza from Miner Moe's Pizza in Nevada City:

10. Laura Miller — "My wife and I will meet you and Carol at Friar Tuck's in 20 minutes"

9. Chelsea Conley — "I just wanted to warn you, that guy is taking a picture of the stain on your butt!"

8. Shelly Arthur — "We won again, coach! Can I buy you a corn dog?"

7. Daniel Trevino — "Hey, thanks buddy… ouch ouch ouch!"

6. Brian Johnson — "This time I won't yank your arm off."

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5. Ellen De Maria Walker — "Double or nothin' next week?"

4. Tom McCormick — "Who are you voting for in the presidential election?"

3. Roberta Blahuta Peters — "Don't look, but there's a photographer behind you. Better zip your fly."

2. Dana Salisbury — "I'll make sure this pat on your back isn't hard, so you won't cry."

1. Cynthia Louise Martin "Great — A cop, a reporter, this is bound to wind up on the front page of The Union. We'd better get our stories straight."

Congratulations Cynthia Louise Martin. You've won a free large Miner Moe's pizza! Contact Community Reporter Cory Fisher at (530) 477-4203 to redeem your prize.

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