Webcam gives real-time view of lines at McCourtney Road Transfer Station |

Webcam gives real-time view of lines at McCourtney Road Transfer Station

Lines at the McCourtney Road Transfer Station have been common for the past few months, at times stretching several vehicles long.

Customers of the 14741 Wolf Mountain Road facility now can check online for lines before leaving home and see a real-time view of the potential wait.

The county installed a webcam at the facility in late April that takes a picture every five minutes. People can see the photo by going to and then selecting "Public Works" from a drop down menu of county departments. The link to the picture is called the "McCourtney Transfer Station Traffic Camera."

"There's been a lot of concern about traffic at the McCourtney Road Transfer Station," said Trisha Tillotson, the county's Public Works director. "It's basically to try to avoid waiting in traffic."

The webcam cost $2,500. Its monthly costs are similar to a cell phone bill, said David Garcia, the county's solid waste program manager.

According to Garcia, lines grew at the transfer station after the temporary closure of Grass Valley Scrap Iron & Metal. The business, situated at 875 Idaho Maryland Road, has since reopened under the name Grass Valley Recycle.

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"That put a lot of extra or additional traffic through the transfer station," Garcia said. "That, we think, was a big factor."

The reopening of Grass Valley Recycle creates another recycling buyback location in Nevada County. Buyback spots received a hit in early 2016 with the closure of a Loma Rica Road site and three NexCycle businesses.

Existing locations where people can get cash for their recycling now include Grass Valley Recycle, the McCourtney transfer station and NexCycle — Holiday Quality Foods, 10952 Combie Road.

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