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Warrant issued for man convicted in cattle dog case

A Camptonville man who already served a jail sentence for violating probation on a felony animal cruelty conviction is back in hot water.

Sierra County Sheriff John Evans sent an advisory out Thursday alerting other law enforcement entities that a warrant had been issued for Justin Phillip Lombardo-Barton, who was arrested in June 2011 for hitting several cattle and running over a cattle dog.

"For the past week or so, we have been making repeated efforts to locate and arrest (Lombardo-Barton) in the North San Juan and Camptonville areas without success," Evans wrote in the advisory email.

"We believe he knows he is wanted and is therefore hiding."

Lombardo-Barton was driving past the annual Reader Ranch cattle drive on June 19, 2011 — in which the ranch's cattle are driven from Pike to the high country — when he hit several cattle and then ran over Maggie, a cattle dog belonging to ranch owner John Reader.

The Jeep nearly severed one of the dog's legs and caused severe internal injuries that required more than four hours in surgery.

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Lombardo-Barton, 19 at the time, had been sentenced to 122 days in county jail, with full credit for time served and five years supervised probation. He had been directed by the judge to find employment and undergo counseling.

But according to Sierra County District Attorney Larry Allen, Lombardo-Barton did not keep in contact with probation, and was subsequently sentenced in February 2012 to one year in Sierra County Jail.

It was not clear how much time he actually served in jail, but Lombardo-Barton is wanted on a new probation violation, Evans said.

"He basically bounced on probation," Evans said. "He's on the run. … His dad said he hasn't seen him in over a week."

Evans said it is his understanding Lombardo-Barton had failed to check in. Calls to the Sierra County probation department were not returned as of press time.

A no-bail warrant for Lombardo-Barton's arrest was issued March 28, Evans said.

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