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[VIDEO]: Penn Valley mobile home goes up in flames over the weekend

A mobile home caught fire and burned to the ground early Saturday morning in Penn Valley's Creekside Mobile Home Village.

Penn Valley Fire District engines responded to the fire after getting a call around 3:50 a.m. A family escaped the burning mobile home as additional firefighters from Nevada County Consolidated and Rough and Ready and units from Calfire responded to the structural fire.

"It was a doublewide mobile home," Penn Valley Fire Chief Don Wagner said. "There was a family of five, with a husband, wife and three small children."

According to Wagner, the department's investigation concluded that the fire was started by discarded smoking materials, possibly a cigarette, that was found in the home's deck area.

The fire initially started outdoors but as it continued to grow, the family ran out to escape it, leaving the doors of the home open, which Wagner says contributed to the fire spreading.

"It sounds like there was a delay in calling 911," Wagner said. "The occupants were not sure how long this fire had burned before a call was placed. We had the fire knocked down in about 20 minutes from getting there, but we recommend people calling earlier than later."

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After escaping the mobile home, Wagner said the father of the family tried to put out the fire with a garden hose. When the attempt to subdue the fire failed, the man then tried to enter his burning residence, while barefoot, to retrieve the family's dog. The pet was not saved, and the man suffered second- to third-degree burns to his foot, which he refused to get treatment for, Wagner said.

"We had a firefighter that got some minor burns to his face and ear," Wagner said. "But he's just treating it with some topical antibiotics. They were probably first- to second-degree burns, a little bit worst than what you would get from a bad sunburn."

A neighboring home in the area also suffered some radiant heat damage from the fire, losing 20 feet of mobile home siding and having multiple broken windows. Wagner said this is the second mobile home fire Penn Valley has had in 10 days.

"The first fire was literally across the street from this one," Wagner said. "When you have fires in mobile homes, they go up quickly. This was a 30-year-old mobile home made completely of wood, so that contributed to the rapid fire spread."

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