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Upgrading Lake Wildwood clubhouse a hot topic

Shirl Mendonca
Special to The Union

The Union photo/John Hart

Upgrading Lake Wildwood and specifically the clubhouse is a hot topic around LWW these days … do we continue to put Band-Aids on the current clubhouse structure, remodel or expand from the current footprint or rebuild in the same general vicinity. Moving the clubhouse to the lake seems to be a non-issue at this point.

LWW is a very diverse community, so lots of efforts are being made to involve the community and to solicit input on issues and options in order to eventually put one or two ideas to a community-wide vote.

A survey was recently mailed to all homeowners to get a fix on what homeowners would be willing to spend in additional annual assessments to upgrade and improve LWW. With dollar amounts assigned to different possibilities, the survey asked residents to choose … stay as we are, improve LWW a little, improve a lot or become an upscale community. This will give future boards some direction on which amenities to consider, including work on the clubhouse.

Homeowners have until Feb. 11 to return the survey with more than 40 percent already in. Alex Alexander, a former board member, will provide insights and commentary on survey results in The Wildwood Independent sometime in late February or early March.

The second effort to involve the community is clubhouse tours where members can see the structural and efficiency issues facing the current clubhouse complex, including the administration offices and the pro shop. I took one of those tours yesterday and was impressed by the overall organization of the tour and the handout that outlined all the areas of concern room by room making it very easy to see where work was needed. Afterward, we were able to ask questions and provide comments. Don Streseman will provide articles for TWI to keep us up to date on what is being learned from these tours. If you haven't taken a tour, there is still time. Check E-Bits for the schedule.

The third effort to involve the community is a Town Hall meeting for members to learn about the structural integrity of our existing clubhouse. A structural engineering firm has completed its review, and the report has been done. According to Don Streseman, a community meeting will be scheduled in late February to hear from the engineers about the condition of the building and the estimated costs associated with the different alternatives …maintain, remodel, rebuild.

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This is a process that takes time, and we can expect to see more surveys along the way and possibly more clubhouse tours as the community works at building consensus. In any discussion about upgrading or remodeling our current clubhouse, a build-new alternative is helpful for comparison. To that end, the fourth effort is a conceptual design outline for a new building. This was first introduced by Tom Cross at a November board meeting. Prior to the upcoming Town Hall, an aerial survey will determine different layout and location possibilities for a new building in the same vicinity; it is anticipated that an architect will be selected in time to come to the meeting with a scale model of what can be done on the site.

Sometime around April/May, the "working" clubhouse committee under the leadership of Tom Watson will present various remodel and rebuild options along with financing options to the LWW Board of Directors. Once those options are narrowed down by the board, the process of educating the community on the pros and cons of the most viable options will begin. That process could take about six months and lead to a membership vote in the fall.

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