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Underwood Vineyards on the market

Underwood Vineyards, a 446-acre property used for growing and selling grapes, is currently for sale to the public for $9.9 million. The vineyard averages a growth rate of four tons of grapes per acre at $1,500 per ton and has sold produce to customers like Bogel Vineyards and local wine makers such as Nevada City Winery and Pilot Peak, which have all have won local and statewide awards for their wine.

"It's just this gorgeous, rolling countryside," Chase International leasing agent Alex West said. "There are multiple areas where more than one family could buy this property together and build houses and cabins that would be in very unique locations. The scenic beauty, the amount of grapes and the water supply to the property are what make this such a special vineyard."

Underwood is considered Nevada's County's largest vineyard and accounts for roughly half of the county's entire annual harvest. The land was cultivated in the 1980s to produce premium grapes but also contains ponds, pastures and wildlife.

"It's a blank canvas, and the potential is just huge," West said. "I'm calling it Napa 2.0, because it's a very active area."

The property also has two large bodies of water, one of which is 60 acre feet that acts as a private reservoir holding irrigated water.

Sited on terrain that ranges from 1,600 feet to 1,800 feet in elevation, the area is swept by microclimates, sitting below the snow line but above coastal or valley fogs.

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Satellite-based systems monitor weather conditions, and 60 acres of the vineyard are outfitted with overhead frost protection. The vineyard operation has been run by the same staff for decades, overseeing the cultivation and production of the grapes.

"This is a rare opportunity for someone who loves the outdoors or who has always wanted to get involved in wine-making," West said.

"You can be as involved in the process as you like, or you can simply sit by the lake and enjoy the amazing vistas that the land avails."

A small lakeside cabin with a kitchen and bar is on the property, and a clearing across the lake has welcomed special events and several concerts, including one headlined by a renowned country star.

"This is one of the most magnificent properties I've had the pleasure to work with and visit," West said.

"I can easily see an outdoor-loving family here or a retired couple trying their hand in the wine industry. It's especially suitable for several families to purchase together and carve out their own pieces of solitude. There are so many interesting perches and hideaways ideal for creating custom retreats. It's truly endless."

For more information about Underwood Vineyards, visit UnderwoodVineyards.com

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