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Top Drawer goes live with window displays

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Rather than merely offer specials to draw store attention for Cornish Christmas, Top Drawer decided to add a little "life" into its display windows by featuring live models.

"We just thought it would be something fun," said store manager Kelly Seolas, whose grandmother, Marilyn Seolas owns the store. "I got the idea from when they've done it in Nevada City and New York and thought it'd be fun and something different and a little innovative in downtown."

Julia Jordan, Grass Valley Downtown Association executive director, approved the live display, saying she enjoys seeing creativity in the shop owners.

"I love it when our merchants downtown get creative and think outside the box and make something different to bring an appeal to their windows and draw interest in the community," Jordan said.

The models surprised passersby by staying in a frozen position, then all of a sudden waving and showing their live state.

"You couldn't really tell until they waved, and people were laughing," Jordan said.

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The models sported some of the store's pajamas, including a two-piece flannel shirt and pants.

"We're definitely not trying to do something risqué," Seolas said. "I just thought it was a fun idea, and we've gotten some awesome feedback."

Seolas said one of the intentions of the store is to provide lingerie and pajamas in a classy fashion.

"The models were very tasteful because one of the goals of our store that I think we've prided ourselves on is providing tasteful lingerie and children's pajamas," Seolas said. "I have 95-year-old women coming in, and I'm fitting them for bras."

Jordan said the models brought notice and festive fun to the downtown area.

"People were noticing so I think it was a good thing," Jordan said. "It was a lot of fun and brought holiday cheer."

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