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Tim Donnelly returns to Nevada County

Dave Brooksher
Staff Writer

Southern California assemblyman — and gubernatorial candidate — Tim Donnelly addressed a group of roughly 85 voters Tuesday afternoon during a luncheon at the Alta Sierra Country Club.

Tuesday's lunch was organized by Nevada County Republican Women Federated.

This was Donnelly's second local appearance in recent weeks, after appearing with Pastor Rafael Cruz at the Nevada County Fairgrounds during an event organized by the local Tea Party.

"The number one issue in the 2014 election isn't about whether we're going to be ruled by the right or the left, but whether we're going to stand up for right over wrong," Donnelly told The Union.

"My first day in office, I will put a moratorium on all new laws that include restrictions on your freedom, your business, or your constitutional rights," Donnelly said. "I have a very simple approach to how we fix California. I'm for what works and against what doesn't."

Donnelly is fresh off a GOP convention in Burlingame, where multiple news agencies including the LA Times and Huffington Post reported he received an "unofficial" endorsement. Donnelly called the convention a success, telling The Union that initially, his party would not allow him to speak.

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Donnelly's platform includes conservative positions on a variety of issues including health care, gun control, immigration and reproductive rights.

He's also supportive of Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa's call to redirect funding for the construction of a high-speed railway in California to increasing the state's surface water retention capacity ­— or building more dams.

"We don't need a high-speed rail through the Central Valley," Donnelly said. "We need a high-speed waterway.

"We need a statewide water plan that has vision, because we have a government-created drought that started long before it stopped raining," he added.

Donnelly is also strongly in favor of fracking.

"I think we ought to frack our way to prosperity," Donnelly said.

"If you look at the Monterey shale, if we could just tap 15 percent of that — USC has done a study saying we could create up to 3 million new jobs in California."

He contended that despite reports of severe environmental damage associated with the controversial practice, those incidents took place outside of California.

"The facts are that there hasn't been a single incident in California," he said. "I'm absolutely in favor of protecting our air and our water, but we need to balance this fear-mongering with the economic bounty that every Californian could enjoy."

Donnelly is currently hitting the campaign trail. Before the end of the weekend, it will take him to speaking engagements in Los Gatos, Thousand Oaks, Poway and Twin Peaks.

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You can find Tim Donnelly’s campaign website at http://www.electtimdonnelly.com/.

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