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‘… The New Republic in Alternative Energy Research’

The Union staff

Golden Gate Knights instructor Alain Block, right, teaches during class in San Francisco, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013. A group of San Francisco Star Wars fans who want to travel to a galaxy not that far away have created a combat choreography class for Jedis-in-training with their weapon of choice: the light saber. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

We asked our Facebook friends to write a caption for this Associated Press photo of a light-saber class. The best caption earns a free large pizza from Miner Moe's Pizza in Nevada City. Here are some of this week's top offerings:

10. James Owen — Over? Nothing is over 'til we say it is! Was it OVER when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? "Germans?" . . .

9. Dana Wallace — Pizza cutting class at jedi school.

8. Chris Ten Eyck — Jedi speed dating seemed like a great place to meet women.

7. Katrina Godin-Myers — "They can take my guns but they will never take my light saber!"

6. Troy Steinbach — One time "at nerd camp"…

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5. Dan Williams — Don't be jealous people, we'll be saving your (lives) in the zombie apocalypse, yeah, then those light sabers won't be so nerdy, eh?

4. Peter Krogh — "Feel the sabercise, you must."

3. Rob Lambert — Now that I've remodeled my parents basement, we can finally hold our council meetings here …

2. Mick Collins — We can't just "Jedi Mind Trick" the budget, we're going to have to make cuts!

1. Hilary Hodge — "PG&E Collaborates with The New Republic in Alternative Energy Research"

Congrats, Hilary! You've won a free large pizza from Miner Moe's in Nevada City. Contact Community Reporter Cory Fisher at 530-477-4203 within one week to claim your prize.

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