Thanks to Give gears up for Thanksgiving meals |

Thanks to Give gears up for Thanksgiving meals

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Thanks to Give, a local volunteer group, is gearing up for its 14th year of delivering meals to seniors and disabled adults who are home alone on Thanksgiving Day.

Each year, about 40 volunteers help to package and deliver more than 150 traditional holiday meals throughout the county.

"This is a community effort from beginning to end," said Nancy Zeno-Hamilton, coordinator of the program. "SPD Market provides us a generous discount for all the food; Foothill Flowers makes it possible for us to send a small bouquet to each household; Country Copy donates most of our copying needs; and there are so many people eager to volunteer every year, I have to turn people away. It never ceases to amaze me — the cooperative effort, the caring spirit that comes to life for this project."

Zeno-Hamilton said she and her husband, Francis, started the program while she was working for Nevada County as an Adult Services social worker.

"We were traveling to volunteer in neighboring communities every year," she said. "I was determined to find a volunteer option at home and realized there was a need to be filled when the regular meal delivery program was closed."

The first year, Thanks to Give delivered about 60 meals, and the numbers have increased every year since.

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"Last year, we delivered 180," Zeno-Hamilton said.

Local agencies help to provide referrals for the meals.

"Because this is a once-a-year, grassroots project, we rely totally on donations," Zeno-Hamilton said.

As a result of what she describes as a desperate plea last year on her Facebook page, she received enough to cover this year, as well, a cost of about $1,500.

"It's a relief to know we have enough to cover expenses this year. I dislike having to ask for money," she said.

If you would like to refer someone for a meal, volunteer to deliver meals or donate money, contact Zeno-Hamilton at 530-273-1217 or via email at

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