Student speech contest hosted by Lions Clubs |

Student speech contest hosted by Lions Clubs

"How do we create and keep jobs in America?"

This question is the topic of the Student Speaker Contest sponsored by the Multiple District Four Lions Clubs of California. For the 76th consecutive year the Lions Clubs of California will hold speech contests in local communities beginning in February, 2013. Over $ 103,500.00 will be paid out in scholarships to the winning students. The contest winner will receive a total of $ 21,325.00. The purpose of the contest is to provide an opportunity for competitive public speaking among students on a subject of vital interest to the contestants and to the American people as a whole; stimulate self-expression and independent thinking; present to the public through the student speakers contests the problems surrounding the maintenance of this commonwealth as a free nation and to consider the means at our disposal of meeting the present and future world problems. The contest is open to students, including foreign exchange students, grades 9 through 12, of any high school or junior high school, charter school, private school, home school or independent study.

Students interested in this contest may contact Penn Valley Hi-Grader Lions President Bruce Puphal at (530) 432-9828 or any other Lions Club.

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