Storm brings blast from the past |

Storm brings blast from the past

The Union staff

The Union's Facebook friends discuss a flooded Glenbrook Basin, formerly home to Lake Olympia:

Todd Wahoske — Whoa! The lake returns from the past.

Adrienne Lincoln — I've lived here all my life and use to go to Lake Olympia and yes it was across the road and up the street from The Union. This looks like a drain that needs to be cleaned out. Flooding is happening however around our area in creeks that are high due to storm, also lakes and NID are watching them.

Deanne Mediati — Wow is that lake coming back … Olympia

Tim Ellinwood — One reason not to build a shopping center in the center of a lake. 🙂

Fran Obrecht Thompson — Wow – that was an area that had a real lake during the '20s — looks like history repeating itself.

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Rose Massara — Wow it's a lake alright!!

Cissy Murphy — Lake Olympia trying to make a comeback…

Eileen Hartley — I can't believe it! Can you hear your grandfather going on about this. He loved to talk about stuff like this. Lol

Lourdes Brown — Is this real? Looks like a little lake around RiteAid.

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