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Stay motivated with group fitness

Kristin aguilar
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If you continue to do the same thing, you get the same results. Have you been using the treadmill for years without seeing any changes? Do you find that you lose motivation to work out? Whether you are new to exercise or you have reached a plateau, cross training is the key to getting fit. Every exercise program should include aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility work. Variety in your routine will prevent the "burnout" from boredom and will challenge your muscles to continually adapt.

First, recruit a friend and/or take a group class. I've found that group fitness is the best way to get and stay motivated in a workout. Going to a class ensures that you will get the full workout. It's much more difficult to not show up or quit half-way through your workout when other people are holding you accountable than it is when you are the only person you have to answer to.

Second, mix it up! By adding aerobic, strength, and flexibility classes to your exercise routine, you will find that you have greater fitness gains.

If you're looking to get in shape fast and then keep it up, I recommend following the F.I.T.T Model:

F: Frequency: Exercise at least three to five days a week

I: Intensity: Know your max heart rate and work in endurance, aerobic, and anaerobic zones

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T: Time: Gradually increase the duration of exercise

T: Type: Change up your routine.

I am the Group Exercise director at South Yuba Club, and for our members I often recommend Bodypump for strength training, Spinning for low-impact aerobic training, and Yoga for flexibility. For our seniors, Silver Sneakers and Aqua Aerobics are both great classes for strength and aerobic work, while Zumba Gold also challenges balance and coordination.

We will be opening our classes up to the public during the week of April 15 -20 for our Group Exercise launch. You can stop by the club, or go online to, to view the launch schedule and find a class that you'd like to try. I encourage you to use this opportunity to get out of your fitness rut, try new ways to get fit, and find your new favorite.

Kristin Aguilar is an AFAA certified personal trainer, and the Group Fitness director at South Yuba Club. South Yuba Club is a family owned and operated Health Club and Training Center with two locations, in Grass Valley (722 Freeman Lane, in the Raley's Center) and Nevada City (555 Searls Avenue). Contact them at 530-470-9100, or online at

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