Saving ‘Buddy’ took a village |

Saving ‘Buddy’ took a village

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Two months ago, frantic calls came into the Grass Valley Animal Shelter, to Scooter's Pals and to the Coalition of Animal Welfare and Support, that a black-and-white dog had been hit by a car and was lying on the hot pavement along Tunnel Road in Grass Valley.

Susan Wallace of Scooter's Pals sent more messages for someone who might be near there to go tend to the dog, and CAWS director Kathy Monteiro called the armed forces office across the street to get the dog out of further harm's way.

Roger from Grass Valley Animal Control arrived first and immediately took the dog to Best Friends veterinary clinic. Fresh evidence of puncture wounds on the pooch confirmed he had been attacked by dogs and, when trying to escape, was run over by a car.

The force of the accident had almost decapitated him. Scooter's Pals and CAWS called the vet to ensure he would be treated, and so the road to recovery began for the Jack Russell terrier named Buddy.

Buddy had so many stitches around his neck that he looked like a Frankenstein experiment, and he was given large doses of pain medication in an effort to keep him comfortable. But Buddy could not stay at the vet because they did not provide care at night or over the weekend.

Calls were made to find a caregiver, but on such short notice, Wallace stepped up to take him home. Since she has boisterous dogs of her own, and Buddy needed peace and quiet, she put him in her garage.

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As word got out, Lori Perry from Nevada County PAWS rushed over with extra bedding and a portable air conditioning unit so he would stay comfortable. More calls came in from other animal lovers who were quickly becoming buddies to Buddy with donations of food and herbal medications and money for his care.

Buddy's friends in his old neighborhood heard what happened and called with concern and help. Roger pledged $200 toward his vet bill, along with pledges from Scooter's Pals and CAWS.

When Ursela Rabe, a local foster and animal communicator, heard about Buddy, she immediately offered to take him in and nurse him back to health. It seemed that not only did Rabe help Buddy, but he was a gift to Rabe, who had been mourning the recent death of her beloved Jack Russell terrier. It was a match made in heaven.

As Buddy began to heal and his pain medication was reduced, he stopped eating and began a heartbreaking whimper. Rabe rushed him to the vet, who discovered Buddy's teeth had become infected and damaged, likely due to the trauma from the collision.

Buddy went into surgery again and many teeth were removed. Throughout all of the pain and trauma, Rabe reported that even when it was too painful for Buddy to move, he would still barely wag his tail, asking for some tenderness.

Buddy's recovery is not over yet. He is not able to use one leg, the problem diagnosed as a painful pinched nerve.

"For all this dog has been through, he is such a little trooper," Wallace said. "He just wants to be loved."

For donations to help with Buddy's extensive vet care or to adopt Buddy, contact Scooters' Pals at and click "donate" or mail to P.O. Box 168, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924.

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