Reward offered for abandoned puppies |

Reward offered for abandoned puppies

A good Samaritan who stopped to investigate a cardboard box by the side of the road ended up rescuing seven puppies that apparently had been dumped there.

He also found two puppies that had been run over and were dead, according to Sammie's Friends founder Cheryl Wicks.

The "very nice" man scooped up the survivors and brought them to the Sammie's Friends-run animal shelter Monday afternoon, Wicks said.

The puppies appear to be 5 to 6 weeks old and were at least partially weaned, she said.

"Some look like boxers, one looks like a rottweiler — they are a little bit of everything," Wicks said. "One is so stinking cute — he's black and white, like a border collie, maybe with a little pit bull."

The puppies were in fairly good condition but seemed extremely hungry, she added, saying, "They gobbled their food up."

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Wicks speculated that whoever dumped them did not bring them to the animal shelter because they didn't want to answer any questions about them.

"If someone has the mama, we'd love it if they came forward," she said, adding that the shelter would pay to have her spayed.

Wicks added that Sammie's Friends will gladly accept donations to help pay for the food and medical care for the puppies. Anyone interested in making a donation, or who has information about the puppies, can call the shelter at 530-471-5041.

Local animal activists are stepping forward to start a fund in the hopes that Animal Control will be able to start an investigation with the public's tips.

Susan Wallace of Scooter's Pals has offered a reward of $100 to the person who provides information to bring about the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who dumped the puppies on Jones Ridge Road near Greenhorn Road.

A private reward fund has been set up; donations can be sent to Tri-Counties Bank, 11362 Pleasant Valley Road, Penn Valley. The account is under Kristi Soholt: Animal Reward Fund; people can also contribute through Paypal starting on Friday via

The plan will be to disburse the funds if the person is caught and convicted, Soholt wrote in an email to The Union.

If the funds are never used, then they will be retained for rewards to be offered in future Nevada County animal cruelty cases.

This fund will become a nonprofit at a time in the near future, Soholt said.

To contact Staff Writer Liz Kellar, e-mail or call 530-477-4229.

Anyone with information on the puppies dumped on the side of the road at Jones Ridge and Greenhorn roads can call Sammie’s Friends animal shelter at (530) 471-5041.

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