Real estate agent encounters dead body |

Real estate agent encounters dead body

Matthew Renda
Staff Writer

A Grass Valley real estate agent encountered a dead body as he was showing a house at Lawrence Way on Tuesday afternoon.

Dennis Hicks, a realtor for Network Real Estate, said however he was not unduly shocked by the sight of the dead person, as he served for 17 or 18 years as a volunteer firefighter.

"One of the clients was a little disturbed," Hicks said.

Hicks said he contacted the recently deceased owner of the house on Monday night and they agreed on a time to show the house the following day.

"We got into the house and I announced myself quite loudly, as I always do," Hicks said. "The gentleman was sitting in the chair and was super white. I touched his hand and it was ice cold."

Hicks called the Nevada County Sheriff's Office, who asked him to wait outside until the appropriate responders arrived, he said.

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Houses where violent crimes or suicides happen are often difficult to market, Hicks said; however, in the present case it appeared the gentleman expired in his sleep.

"I will continue to show it in hopes of getting a purchase," Hicks said.

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