Protest against Grass Valley business over wages |

Protest against Grass Valley business over wages

Matthew Renda
Staff Writer

Stephanie Lee (far right) gathered her friends and family on Friday to protest what she claims is unfair treatment of her husband and father, both of whom work at the 10 Minute Oil Change and Carwash in Grass Valley.

A small gathering of Nevada County residents picketed a Grass Valley business located on East Main Street Friday morning, claiming the owner is not paying the business' employees.

"My father and my husband work for her and make her good money, and they don't see any of it," said Stephanie Lee, who orchestrated the picket line on the sidewalk in front of 10 Minute Oil & Car Wash on East Main Street.

Many passing motorists honked their horns and gave thumbs-up signs in a show of support during a brief interview.

"My husband hasn't seen a paycheck in two years; he just gets paid out of the till at the end of the night," Lee said.

Lee said her young children are suffering as a consequence and is unsure whether she will be able to afford rent and other bills as their household income continues to dwindle.

Tammy Williams, who owns the business, declined to comment at length, saying the newspaper was not the appropriate place to discuss the dispute.

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"The whole truth is not being told," Williams said.

Lee said her husband wants the money to which he feels entitled, as the paychecks are four weeks behind.

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