Prime Expo for ages 50 and over |

Prime Expo for ages 50 and over

Dave Brooksher
Staff Writer

Next weekend, Saturday, June 28, roughly 30 vendors will be at the Holiday Inn Express in Grass Valley to help spread information about health, fitness and travel for the 50-plus age group. The schedule also includes 14 presentations, including Nevada County poet Molly Fisk and The Union's publisher, Jim Hemig.

"If you're 50 and over, or if you love someone who is, there's a reason to go," said Mary Anne Davis, event and sponsorship manager at The Union. "It's information covering practically everything you need to know, from health and nutrition to exercise, fitness and finance."

The presentations will cover topics such as chair yoga, tai-chi and salsa dancing. There will also be sessions on financial planning, healthy cooking and medical tourism to Cuba.

Jim Lewis has worked as a registered nurse for roughly 40 years, and in the last two of those years he's taken six groups of Americans to Cuba to seek medical treatment.

"They focus on prevention," Lewis said. "It's very easy to get in to see a doctor, but they have a lot of supply shortages."

In addition to his session on traveling to Cuba, Lewis will also be teaching a section on travel tips specific to the 50-plus crowd.

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"The number one thing that could save someone's life is to make sure that travelers have a personal health profile," Lewis said.

"It's got your basic information, including doctor's numbers, surgeries you've had, medications you're on," he added.

"You need to have that information, especially in a foreign country."

Lewis suggests that travelers keep at least three copies of their personal health profile in case one of them gets lost. Helping your healthcare provider to access that information can save a lot of time in the emergency room — and that can make a big difference in the outcome.

"Things can happen, including accidents," Lewis said. "The more information you've got the better chance of your surviving a bad situation."

According to statistics from the United States Census, roughly 54 percent of Nevada County's population is older than 45 — and 29 percent of our population is older than 60.

Demographically speaking, our community has more people older than 60 than the state average, and fewer people younger than 30 than the state average.

"People are living a lot longer, and they're choosing different lifestyles than their parents did," said Julia Stidham, organizer for the Prime: 50+ Healthy Living Expo.

"At one point they thought they might be gone at 69, but it's different now."

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Know & Go

When: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, June 28

Where: Holiday Inn Express, 121 Bank St., Grass Valley

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