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Poor planning, Waste Management

The new system Waste Management has adopted is poorly thought out and poorly planned. Their lack of consideration for elderly people is evident. It works for the new trucks, and for scaling down the employee ratio, yet does nothing but create a huge headache for their customers, especially those outside of town.

These containers have to be physically loaded into the back of trucks, tied to cars, pulled to the roadside or crammed into trunks and tied down.

Did they think what that would be like for an elderly person? I’m 39 and in perfect health, yet I’ll have to be very careful loading that monstrous recycling container so I don’t hurt my back. They have no way to secure them so the contents don’t fall out, or get scattered by wildlife. We have to keep the trash far from the house, as it now stinks.

We are considering canceling our account and just taking our waste to the landfill, even though using the landfill will be giving Waste Management our money.

The new system is a poorly thought out, hastily implemented program to minimize costs with no regard to the impact it would have on its customers.

J. Osteen

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