Penn Valley school board discusses distraught parents’ group |

Penn Valley school board discusses distraught parents’ group

The Penn Valley Union School District board of trustees met Tuesday night and discussed recent safety accusations a parent group, Nevada County Parents for Student Success (NCPSS), has made against Pleasant Valley School staff.

After asking Pleasant Valley School principal Teena Corker to resign more than a week ago, four parents in the group attended Tuesday's meeting and spoke during the public forum, airing their grievances with the school's staff, and urging the school board, again, to ask for Principal Corker's resignation.

The group also distributed a list of complaints to all board members, which included student health and safety concerns.

"We're not backing off on our stance that Teena Corker needs to leave for the betterment of our schools," parent Deanna Johnson, said. "You're inheriting this problem, and it's not going to go away. We're not going to be shooshed by pleasant words until a resolution has been made."

“We’re not backing off on our stance that Teena Corker needs to leave for the betterment of our schools.”
Parent Deanna Johnson

Staci Loveland, a parent in the group, also went as far as accusing the school of invading her son's privacy by distributing personal information about him to staff at the school.

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"This is a HIPA violation, it's a confidentiality issue," Loveland told the board. "It' not OK to take my child's name and distribute it to everybody other than the school nurse. That's a violation of privacy. This is a huge concern for me."

District Superintendent Debbie Sandoval, though, told The Union that the district has tried its best to address the group's concerns, meeting as recently as Tuesday morning, and that though every voice counts, the complaints against Corker are coming from four parents.

"(Corker) really is an amazing educator," Sandoval told The Union. "There's not really more I can say about this, but we continue to meet with them, even this morning. But their are hundreds of other parents in the district."

Penn Valley Union school board President Carolyn Bronson told The Union that although this was an issue with the Pleasant Valley School District, one of two districts that will encompass the new consolidated district, the board will be addressing the issue and will be holding a meeting with the group on April 28 to address their concerns.

"We're on it," Bronson said. "There is going to be a formal statement made, so I will wait till that is actually published and put out; but we did address to the group tonight that we will have a special board meeting to move forward with the concerns that were expressed today and retain a proper independent third party to take a look at the situation."

Board member Debra Worth added, "It's all about the kids, and we really do care about that most of all."

A previous version of this story misinterpreted Sandoval's comments in reference to what the opinions are of parents outside of the NCPSS group.

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