Online registration helps track down alleged iPod thief |

Online registration helps track down alleged iPod thief

A Sierra College student whose iPod was stolen was able to track it down — and help Grass Valley police arrest a suspect in the theft — after he registered it as stolen online.

On May 9, the male victim, who was not identified, reported that someone had stolen his iPod Touch and $30 in cash from his locker at the college, said Grass Valley Police Sgt. Steve Johnson.

The man not only reported it to college security and the police, but he also went online and registered it as stolen with iTunes, Johnson said.

On Monday, he received a message from iTunes that someone had purchased the iPod at a Grass Valley pawn shop and was trying to register it.

The buyer also received a message that the music player had been reported stolen and returned it to the pawn shop.

"The store owner was cooperative and returned the iPod" to its rightful owner, Johnson said.

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The pawn shop owner was able to provide police with information about the seller, who was eventually identified as Trenton Otis Shoopman, 23. Shoopman was arrested Tuesday and booked into county jail on suspicion of possessing stolen property. He was released on $10,000 bail.

"This points to the importance of keeping records of the serial numbers on your electronics," Johnson said, adding that it makes it much easier to track stolen items when you have that identifying information.

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